Monday, November 23, 2015

Hong Kong Disneyland Mickey and the Wondrous Book FULL Show Video

We have now the FULL show video of Hong Kong Disneyland Fantasyland new show "Mickey and the Wondrous Book" and not only excerpts of it as posted previously. And i think it's a real good show that i suggest you to watch. Note: if the video below doesn't start at 11 min, jump to this time as the show itself doesn't start before that.

Video: copyright HK Main Street Gazette

First Trailer and New Poster for Zootopia

Walt Disney Animation released a new poster - here above in its French version - as well as a first trailer for Zootopia, their awaited next animated film!

ZOOTOPIA – FLASH, THE FASTEST SLOTH AT THE DMV — When rookie rabbit officer Judy Hopps (voice of Ginnifer Goodwin) has only 48 hours to crack her first case, she turns to scam-artist fox Nick Wilde for help, but he doesn’t always have her best interests at heart. Their investigation takes them to the local DMV (Department of Mammal Vehicles), which is staffed entirely by sloths. Directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore, and produced by Clark Spencer,

Picture and video: copyright Disney

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Tim O'Brien Awaited Biography of Legendary Imagineer Tony Baxter Now Available on Amazon!

Here is the Imagineer biography i was waiting for since a long time! Tim O'Brien, theme park specialist and award-winning photo journalist has published a fantastic biography of legendary WDI Imagineer Tony Baxter titled "Tony Baxter: First of the Second Generation of Walt Disney Imagineers" which is now available on Amazon for $16.99 HERE.

As you know Tony Baxter, former senior vice president of creative development at Walt Disney Imagineering was responsible for creating designs and carrying out the construction of attractions all over the world. During his 47-year tenure with the company, he oversaw the construction of multiple contemporary Disney theme park attractions, including Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Star Tours, Splash Mountain, The Indiana Jones Adventure, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage and Epcot' Journey Into Imagination. Tony was also Executive Creative Director for Disneyland Paris park.

Tony, who is beloved by Disney Parks fans, was first hired at Disneyland Park in 1965 as an ice cream scooper on Main Street, U.S.A. at the age of 17. During his employment at the park, he held many different positions. He later caught the attention of WED Enterprises -now known as Walt Disney Imagineering. During his first 24 years he built up his rank within the company until he was given the position as senior vice president of creative development in Walt Disney Imagineering.

Tim O'Brien book tells the story of Tony fantastic career at WDI, and more, and it's a book you must really not miss. For those of you living overseas or who can't wait to read it, an Amazon Kindle eBook will also be available soon on Amazon!

Pictures: copyright Disney, Tim O'Brien

Shanghaî Disneyland Update

Here is a short Shanghaî Disneyland update to start the week with an article from Shanghaî Daily to which i've added WDI SDL artworks:

WALT Disney once famously said of his entertainment empire: “It all started with a mouse.” For visitors at the Shanghai Disney Resort, their entry into the magical world of Disney Parks will begin in a similar way at Mickey Avenue, a specially designed shopping and recreation area that pays homage to beloved Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse.
“Mickey Avenue is much more than a street. Mickey Avenue is a town,” said Geoffrey Woodward, a Creative Producer who is working with an international multi-disciplinary team in the design and execution of the main entrance of the theme park. “As we were developing what the main entry should be, we have learned that Chinese people love stories and characters.”

Based on this premise, designers and planners at Walt Disney Imagineering Shanghai saw Mickey Avenue as a channel where they could introduce guests to the company’s beloved characters — including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, Goofy and Pluto — before entering the park’s other themed lands.

Indeed, one of the first icons greeting visitors is a fountain decked with a sculpture referencing “Steamboat Mickey,” inspired by the 1928 animated short that introduced the world to Mickey Mouse.

After walking through the resort’s gates, guests can browse Avenue M Arcade, a bustling commercial center offering apparel, accessories, gifts, home décor, jewelry, as well as an extensive array of items created especially for shoppers in China, which planners say is the largest shopping facility of its kind in the park.

There will also be plenty of sweet treats and delicious foods on offer at Mickey Avenue. For instance, there is Sweethearts Confectionery, a candy store that pays tribute to Disney’s first couple, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

A French-themed bakery based on characters from Ratatouille, Rémy’s Patisserie will offer a variety of breads, pastries and muffins, along with fresh desserts.

Mickey & Pals Market Café, a counter-service restaurant, will feature localized Chinese and international menus plus views of the nearby gardens, the Fantasia Carousel and the Enchanted Storybook Castle.

Meanwhile, the Market Cafe, designed as an open-air market, will feature four exhibition kitchens and a mural depicting Mickey and his pals planting, harvesting and sharing happy times together.

“This is the first time in the history of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts that we have built a main entrance like this, one that’s dedicated to Disney characters,” the creative producer said.

After making their way down Mickey Avenue, the next stop for visitors is the Gardens of Imagination.

“Mickey Avenue is a space defined largely by architecture, and the gardens is a space largely about landscaping,” said John Sorenson, Director and Principal Landscape Architect at Walt Disney Imagineering Shanghai. This 26-year Disney veteran worked closely from the creative team from the very beginning in order to create an inviting space for Chinese guests and families.

“It’s a celebration of nature. It has both quiet space but also very active space.” Guests can choose to explore the beautiful gardens, ride on attractions or find a great viewing location for the daytime and nighttime castle shows.

In the gardens, visitors can take a spin on the Fantasia Carousel, soar on the back of Dumbo the Flying Elephant or explore the sights and sounds of Melody Garden. It is also in this area that guests can find bridges and pathways leading to other areas of the park. As guests stroll along, they may also meet Mickey Mouse and his pals.

The area, covering more than three hectares, will contain seven individual gardens focused on themes of family, friendship and fun. These will include the Garden of the Twelve Friends, the Melody Garden, the Romance Garden, the Woodland Garden and so on.

Each garden will be filled with engaging activities, floral and woodland displays, and playful photo opportunities.

Over the past three years, Sorenson and his team traveled to China’s remotest rural areas and talked with local farmers to find flora compatible with the climate in Shanghai.

“A lot of trees you will see there are familiar to most people in Shanghai, but we also tried to find unusual Chinese native trees,” he said. “We spent a lot of time going to parts of the remote countryside of China and we perfectly achieved our goals.”

We'll end with a great video showing the Shanghaî Disneyland float at the Opening ceremony of Shanghaî Tourism Festival 2015 a few days ago, with the specially designed SDL float, Disney characters and more!

Pictures: copyright Disney - shendi

Text: from Shanghai Daily

Friday, November 20, 2015

Legendary French Auction House Drouot Announces France First Ever Disneyana Auction With 344 Disney Theme Parks Collectibles! - Drouot Online Annonce la Première Vente aux Enchères en France d’Objets Collectors de Parcs à Thème Disney avec 344 lots Mis en Vente!

Legendary French auction house Drouot announces France first ever auction with 344 Disney theme parks collectibles!

Here below is the press release about the event, please read it, and you have my take on this right after AND a selection of pictures of items which are on sale in the auction.

Vous trouverez le texte en version française ainsi que d'autres photos ci-dessous après la version anglaise.

For the first time in France the auction house Tessier - Sarrou, in partnership with Drouot Online, organizes an auction of collectibles items from Disney theme parks entitled. "Disneyana, Collector's from the Magic Kingdoms ». 344 items are put in auction and Disneyland Paris fans can bid on rare and collectible items from the park, from the 90's to present day but also many « collectibles » from US Disney parks - Disneyland, Walt Disney World - or those of Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland - books, posters, sculptures, figurines, exclusive press event - which are for the first time put on sale in an auction in France. Original paintings and artworks enthusiasts will also find rare items like a beautiful hyper-realistic portrait of Walt Disney or concept arts for an attraction project. The sale ends December 5, giving the opportunity to offer a Christmas present "collector" to any fan of Disney theme parks.

The auction is going on exclusively online on the site Drouot Online and bidders have already the possibility to discover each item and place their bids. The end of the sale will be held on December 5 on Drouot Online from 3pm. Any person in any country whatever is his place of residence, including outside France either in the United States, Asia, or any country can participate and place bids. The sale is divided into several sections:

Lots 1-33: Posters from Disneyland Paris, Disneyland or Walt Disney World, Disneyland Attraction Posters prints

Lots 34-98 Disneyland Paris and other Disney parks rare Pins collectors, and other small collectibles from the 90s

Lots 99-120 Games and toys related to Disney movies

Lots 121-205: Books on Disney theme parks, Walt Disney Imagineering and Disney Animation

Lot 206-245: The big "collectors" and other sculptures, figurines released in 2005 for Disneyland 50th Anniversary, etc ...

Lots 246-251: Rare artworks and original paintings, « one-of-a-kind » unique items

Lot 252-345: Collectors from press events, invitations, press kits, commemorative tickets, watches, etc...

To participate to the auction, see auction items and bid:
You must go on the Drouot Online website at the page of the auction link here:

All lots have a description in English, as well as in French, and pictures for each item. Important note: most of the items have multiple pictures, the main picture is the one that appears by default, to see the other pictures, put your mouse over the main picture and click on the thumbnails of other pictures that will appear.

All lots are now on line and you can already place bids, until Saturday December 5, day or will end the sale. On Saturday, December 5th at 3pm, each lot will "pass" one after the other - as in a physical auction - and this will be the last opportunity to place your bids, and it will go fast because each lot will pass during 30 seconds. If you’re interested by an item and are not sure to be present online at the time of the auction on December 5th, it’s better to place your auction bid now. There is no "reserve price" on the items so each auction potentially can win the item. The auction results of each item will be announced after the end of the auction.

To bid on an item: it is mandatory to register on Drouot Online. Drouot Online will ask you your name and address and a credit card number. Note: If you win the auction of an item, your credit card will NOT be charged automatically, payment will have to be proceed once the sale is completed directly to the auctioneers study by check or credit card. Drouot requests the registration of a credit card only to ensure that the person who bids is real. That said, in case a person who bids and won a prize refuse to proceed to the payment, the credit card might be charged, so do not bid if you don’t intend to buy. The auction conditions are available on the website on the auction pages.

A 24% fee is applied on every purchase, as well as a shipment fee if the buyer can’t come in person to take his winning lot at the auctioneers office.

D&M Take: This is the first time that a Disneyana auction is organized in France, and by a major action house as Drouot is the oldest one in France, since more than 200 years. It is NOT, though, an auction like the one which happened for Disneyland 60th last February or the one which happen tomorrow by the same auctioneer in L.A. so, you won't find in the auction big pieces of Disney parks history like a People Mover vehicle or Marc Davis original artwork, or even original attraction posters. BUT it is the first auction of this kind, and everything needs a start. This also has some good points for Disney fans. If we except a few items estimated over 1000€ most of the items have a starting price around 50€, sometime even less. And this even if normally there is no auction happening with items under 100€, if not more. Which means that it's not an auction reserved for rich people, everybody should find something at a reasonable price.

I had the chance to have a look at the list of items and there is plenty of items from the early years of Disneyland Paris, or rare ones from press events, whether they happened at DLP, DL or WDW, others linked to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. You have also Disneyland attraction Posters prints down 10 years ago by Disneyland ( that South Cal guests can find easily at Disneyland but not European fans who can't go to Disneyland - and by the way, which also cost much much less than original Attraction Posters. And also plenty of these gorgeous collectibles that were released fro Disneyland 50th Anniversary and which are now rare to find. It's a Disneyana auction, i.e an auction for fans, and i wish it will be a success to have others in Paris in the future. Last but not least, the auction is happening as you've read online only, which allows every one wherever you live on the planet to participate.


Drouot Online Annonce la première vente aux enchères en France d’objets collectors de parcs à thème Disney avec 344 lots mis en vente!

Pour la première fois en France la maison de vente Tessier - Sarrou, en collaboration avec Drouot Online, organise une vente aux enchères d’objets de collections de parcs à thème Disney intitulée: « Disneyana, Les Collectors du Royaume Magique". 344 lots sont mis aux enchères et les fans de Disneyland Paris peuvent ainsi enchérir sur de rares objets collectors du parc des années 90 à nos jours mais les parcs Disney américains - Disneyland, Walt Disney World - ou ceux de Hong Kong Disneyland et Tokyo Disneyland sont également à l’honneur avec de nombreux « collectibles » - livres, affiches, sculptures, figurines, exclusivité d’évènement de presse - pour la première fois mis en vente dans une vente aux enchères en France. Les amateurs de peintures et dessins originaux trouveront également des raretés comme un magnifique portrait hyper-réaliste de Walt Disney ou des concept-arts pour un projet d’attraction. La vente se termine le 5 Décembre, donnant la possibilité de pouvoir offrir un cadeau de Noel « collector » à tout fan de parcs à thèmes Disney.

La vente aux enchères se passe exclusivement en ligne sur le site de Drouot Online et les enchérisseurs ont d’ores et déjà la possibilité de découvrir chaque objet et de placer leurs enchères. La fin de la vente se tiendra le 5 Décembre sur Drouot Online à partir de 15h. Toute personne quelque soit le pays et son lieu d’habitation, y compris résidant hors de France que ce soit aux Etats-Unis, Asie, ou n’importe quel pays peut participer et placer des enchères. La vente est divisée en plusieurs sections:

Lots 1 à 33: Rares affiches Disneyland Paris, Disneyland ou Walt Disney world, Disneyland Attraction Posters prints

Lots 34 à 98 : Disneyland Paris et autres parcs Disney rares Pin’s collectors, et autres objets collectors des années 90

Lots 99 à 120: Jeux et jouets liés au films Disney

Lots 121 à 205: Livres sur les parcs, l’Imagineering et l’animation Disney

Lot 206 à 245: Les gros « collectors », et autres sculptures, figurines éditées pour le 50ème Anniversaire de Disneyland, etc…

Lots 246 à 251: Rare artwork et peintures originales, pièces uniques

Lot 252 à 345: Collectors d’évènements de presse, invitations, press kits, billets commémoratifs, montres, etc…

Pour participer à la vente, découvrir les lots et enchérir:
Il faut aller sur le site de Drouot Online à la page de la vente se trouvant au lien suivant:

Tous les lots ont une description en français et en anglais, ainsi que des photos pour chaque objet. Note importante: la plupart des objets ont plusieurs photos, la photo principale est celle qui s’affiche par défaut, pour découvrir les autres photos placer sa souris sur la photo principale et cliquer sur les vignettes des autres photos qui apparaitront.

Tous les lots sont dés à présent en ligne et vous pouvez d’ores et déjà placer vos enchères, et ce jusqu’au 5 Décembre, jour ou se terminera la vente. Le Samedi 5 Décembre à 15h, chacun des lots « passeront » l’un après l’autre - comme dans une vente aux enchères physique - et ce sera la dernière possibilité pour placer vos enchères, et il faudra aller vite car chaque lot passera durant 30 secondes. Si vous n’êtes pas sur d’ètre présent sur le site le 5 Décembre, mieux vaut placer vos enchères dés maintenant. Il n’y a pas de « prix de réserve » sur les lots donc chaque enchère est susceptible de remporter le lot. Les résultats des ventes de chaque lot seront communiqués après la fin de la vente.

Pour enchérir sur un objet: il faut impérativement s’enregistrer au préalable. Drouot Online vous demandera votre nom et coordonnées ET un numéro de carte bancaire. Note: si vous remportez la vente du lot, votre carte bancaire ne sera PAS automatiquement débitée, le règlement devra être effectué une fois la vente terminée auprès de l’étude des commissaires priseurs par chèque ou carte bancaire. Drouot demande l’enregistrement d’une carte bancaire uniquement pour s’assurer que la personne qui enchérit est bien réelle. Cela dit, dans le cas ou une personne ayant enchérit et gagné un lot refuserait d’effectuer le règlement la carte bancaire pourra être débitée, donc n’enchérissez pas si vous n’avez pas l’intention d’acheter. Les conditions de vente sont disponibles sur le site aux pages de la vente.

Les frais acheteurs appliqué sur chaque achat sont de 24% ( inclus TVA ) ainsi que des frais d’envois si l’acheteur ne vient pas récupérer son lot à l’étude des commissaires priseurs.

D&M : C'est la première fois qu'une vente aux enchères Disneyana est organisé en France, et de surcroit par une maison de vente bi-centennaire puisque Drouot est la plus ancienne en France, existant depuis plus de 200 ans. Ce n'est PAS cependant une vente aux enchères comme celle qui a eu lieu pour le 60ème Anniversaire de Disneyland en Février dernier ou celle qui se passera demain par la même maison de vente à Los Angeles. Vous ne trouverez pas dans cette vente un véhicule People Mover ou un artwork original de Marc Davis, ou même des affiches originales d'attraction posters. Mais c'est la première vente aux enchères de ce genre en France, et tout doit avoir un début. Cela a aussi quelques bons points pour les fans Disney. Si l'on excepte quelques articles estimés à plus de 1000 € la plupart des articles ont un prix de départ autour de 50 €, parfois même moins. Et ce, même si normalement la règle est il n'y a aucune vente aux enchères qui se passe avec des articles estimés à moins de 100 €, sinon plus, en prix de départ. Ce qui signifie que ce n'est pas une vente aux enchères réservée uniquement aux gens riches, et tout le monde devrait trouver quelque chose à un prix raisonnable.

J'ai eu la chance de jeter un oeil à la liste des articles et il y a beaucoup d'objets datant des premières années de Disneyland Paris, ou de rares liés à des événements de presse des années 90, qui se sont produit à DLP, DL ou WDW, et même d'autres d'autres liés à Tokyo Disneyland et Tokyo Disney Sea. Vous avez également des Disneyland attraction posters réalisés il y a 10 ans par Disneyland (que les fans californiens peuvent trouver facilement à Disneyland mais pas les fans européens ne pouvant pas aller facilement à Disneyland - et dont le prix est également 25 fois moins chers que des Attraction Posters originaux. Egalement en vente beaucoup de ces collectors magnifiques édités il y a 10 ans pour le 50éme anniversaire de Disneyland et qui sont maintenant rares à trouver.

C'est une vente aux enchères Disneyana, à savoir une vente aux enchères pour les fans, et je souhaite que ce sera un succès pour en voir d'autres organisées à Paris dans le futur . Enfin, la vente aux enchères se passe exclusivement en ligne, ce qui permet à chacun là quelque soir le pays ou il habite sur la planète de participer.

Et maintenant, une sélection d'items mis en vente parmi les 344 lots inclus dans la vente.
Un point important: quand vous serez sur le site de Drouot Online, chaque objet a généralement plusieurs photos. Mais vous devez mettre le curseur de votre souris sur la photo principale afin que les autre vignettes apparaissent, et ensuite cliquer sur chaque vignette pour les voir en grand format.

And now, a selection of pictures of items among the 344 put on sale in the auction.
One important thing: when you will go to the Drouot Online website, most of the items have several pictures. BUT you need to place your mouse over the main picture to see the others pics in small appear, and then to click on each picture to see them in big size.

Lot No 9:
Disneyland Rocket to the Moon Attraction Poster, Disneyland print, 2003
Affiche Attraction Poster Disneyland Tomorrowland Rocket to the Moon, 2003

Lot No 7:
Disneyland Haunted Mansion Poster, print of famous artwork by Sam Mc Kim
Affiche Disneyland Haunted Mansion, reproduction du célèbre artwork de Sam Mc Kim

Lot No 26:
Rare Promo Poster Nestlé EuroDisney "En route pour la Magie", 1992
Rare Poster Promotionnel Nestlé EuroDisney ""En route pour la Magie", 1992

Lot No 89:
One Euro Disney 1992 First Day collector commémorative ticket and collector Enveloppe
stamped 12 Avril 1992
Billet Commémoratif Euro Disney 1992 et Enveloppe affranchie 12 Avril 1992

Lot No 338:
Commémorative ticket for Star Tours ride at Disneyland, 1987
Billet Avant Première de l'attraction Star Tours à Disneyland, 1987

Lot No 62:
12 Pin’s Disneyland 35th Anniversary, 1990
12 Pin’s Disneyland 35ème Anniversaire, 1990

Lot No 124:
Disneyland the first 30 Years, rare copy who belonged to legendary Hollywood actress Marlene Dietrich, 1985
Disneyland the first 30 Years, rare exemplaire ayant appartenu à la célèbre actrice hollywoodienne Marlène Dietrich, 1985

Lot No 138:
Walt Disney’s Peter Pan, the sketch book series, rare copy of the limited edition of 2500,
Walt Disney’s Peter Pan, the sketch book séries, rare exemplaire de l’édition limitée à 2500 ex,

Lot No 140:
Gorgeous Blanche Neige book by Pierre Lambert, includes stunning repros of dozens of cels for the legendary animated film
Le Magnifique livre Blanche Neige par Pierre Lambert, incluant des repros somptueuses de dizaines des cellos pour le film d''animation

Lot No 152:
Rare Sotheby’s auction catalog for the auction « The Art of Aladdin » organized in 1993
Rare catalogue de vente aux enchères Sotheby’s pour la vente « The Art of Aladdin »
organisée en 1993

Lot No 163:
Epcot Center, A Pictorial Souvenir, rare 1982 72 pages souvenir brochure, include dozens
of rare Epcot original concepts arts
Epcot Center, A Pictorial Souvenir, rare brochure souvenir de 72 pages, incluant une quantité incroyable des rares concepts arts

Lot No 197:
33 issues of the E Ticket Magazine
33 Numéros du magazine The E Ticket en Anglais

Lot No 206:
Rare Neverland Island Big Figure, 14“ high
Rare Neverland Island Big Figure, magnifique sculpture de l'ile de Neverland avec les principaux personnages de l’histoire de Peter Pan, 35cm de haut

Lot No 208:
Captain Hook ship replica, by Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily released for Disneyland 50th Anniversary, Limited edition of 500
Captain Hook ship replica, réalisée par Kevin Kidney et Jody Daily pour le 50e anniversaire de Disneyland

Lot No 212
Rare Disneyland Pirates Of Caribbean talking plaque, 2004, 24" long
Rare Disneyland Pirates Of Caribbean talking plaque, 2004, 60 cm de long

Lot No 228:
Exceptional 29" high sculpture of the auctioneer pirate in the Pirates of Caribbean ride,
done by Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily for Disneyland 50th Anniversary. The pirate auctioneer is dressed with his costume, boots, hat, whip and sword and is a faithful replica of the ride Audio-Animatronic. One of the best piece of all the collector series released for Disneyland 50th Anniversary
Exceptionnelle sculpture de 72 cm de haut du pirate "auctioneer" de l'attraction Pirates
of Caribbean, réalisée par Kevin Kidney et Jody Daily pour le 50e anniversaire de Disneyland. Le personnage est habillé avec costumes en tissu, botte, chapeau, fouet et épée et est une réplique fidèle du célèbre audio animatronique de l'attraction. L'une des plus belles pièces de toute la série des collectors réalisés à l'occasion du 50ème
anniversaire de Disneyland.

Lot No 209:
20000 Leagues under the sea Nautilus, in perfect condition in the original box, done by Nautilus specialist Scott Brodeen and released by Master Replicas in 2005, Excellent condition, 31" long.
Nautilus de 20000 Lieux sous les mers, rare exemplaire en parfait état, réalisé par Scott Brodeen et édité par Master Replica à 1000 ex en 2005, 77,5 cm de long

Lot No 218:
Beautiful Peter Pan Big Ben Animated Big Figure inspired by the Peter Pan's Flight ride, with snowglobe Tinker Bel on the top, the characters "fly" around Big Ben, 26,4" high

Magnifique Peter Pan Big Ben Animated Big Figure avec snowglobe Tinker Bell, inspirée par l'attraction Peter Pan's Flight, les personnages volent autour de Big Ben, 66 cm de haut

Lot No 242:
Beautiful Neverland music box with Tinkerbell inside
Trés belle boite à musique Neverland avec la fée Clochette à l'intérieur

Lot No 227:
101 Dalmatians Musical Snow Globe "The Thunderbolt show" from a famous scene of Disney animated film
101 Dalmatiens Musical Snow Globe "The Thunderbolt show" reprenant une scène célèbre du film d'animation Disney

Lot No 244:
Snow Globe Dumbo Casey Jr train, include three snow globes, 14,8" long, 2005
Snow Globe Train de Dumbo Casey Jr, inclus trois snow globes, 37 cm de long

Lot No 245:
Gorgeous TRON Sculpture, big size approximately 24" high, the statue is lighted from the INSIDE for a perfect TRON lighting, Limited Edition of 150
Magnifique Sculpture TRON de trés grande taille, environ 60cm de haut, la statue s'illumine de l'intérieur, édition limitée de 150 exemplaires
Lot No 248:
ORIGINAL ARTWORK from Tom Thordarsson, WDI Imagineer who designed the Journey to the Center of the Earth ride at Tokyo Disney Sea. Artwork no 3 for a "Dinosaur Jungle Cruise" ride concept
Dessin ORIGINAL de Tom Thordarsson, WDI Imagineer qui a conçu l'attraction Journey to the Center of the Earth à Tokyo Disney Sea. Dessin no 3 pour le concept d'une attraction "Dinosaur Jungle Cruise »

Lot No 259:
Disneyland Paris : very rare invitation for DLP Space Mountain Grand Opening in 1995, with sky map silk printed on métal, + press kit, +entrance ticket for the park on Space Mountain grand opening day, + gold color metal press credential + From the Earth to the Moon book
Disneyland Paris : trés rare invitation pour l'ouverture de Space Mountain, 1995, avec carte du ciel sérigraphié sur métal, + dossier de presse, + passeport d'entrée du parc jour de l'inauguration, + badge de presse pour l'évènement en métal doré, + livre From the Earth to the Moon

Lot No 265:
Giant Invitation and gorgeous 42 x 29,5cm brochure for Walt Disney studios Tower of Terror Grand Opening
Invitation géante pour l'ouverture aux Walt Disney studios de la Tour de la Terreur, Inclus magnifique brochure 42 x 29,5cm

Lot No 275:
Disneyland Paris 5th Anniversary press kit and Official Invitation for the press event
Disneyland Paris invitation et dossier de presse cinquième anniversaire, 1997

Lot No 289:
Disney Animation Peter Pan, Rare big Original press book for theaters for the re-release of the animated film in 1969
Disney Animation Peter Pan, Rare Original press book à l'intention des cinémas lors de la ressortie du film en 1969
Lot No 294:
Disneyland Californie : Rare Indiana Jones Adventure Press Kit, 1995
Disneyland Californie : Rare dossier de presse Indiana Jones Adventure, 1995
Lot No 308:
Rares Disneyland California press kits: Indiana Jones Adventure Opening / Main Street Electrical Parade, 1998 press kit: New Tomorrowland Opening « Top Secret » with pictures and concept-arts
Rares Dossiers de Presse Disneyland Californie, Indiana Jones Adventure Opening, New Tomorrowland Opening

Lot No 296:
Rare Disney's Animal Kingdom Media Guide, provided to medias on Grand Opening day, excellent condition, 134 pages with plenty of details on each ride
Rare Disney's Animal Kingdom Media Guide, délivré aux médias le jour de l'inauguration, 134 pages rempli de détails sur chaque attraction

Lot No 303:
Disney Cruise Line : Disney Wonder inaugural cruise press kit
Disney Cruise Line : dossier de presse pour l'évènement de l'inauguration du Disney Wonder

Lot No 90:
Press Premiere Tickey Star Tour Cast Première 1987 with one digital commemorative watch
Invitation Presse Star Tour Cast Première 1987avec Montre commémorative digital

Lot No 252:
Hong Kong Disneyland Mystic Point & Mystic Manor Press Kit, include Mystic Point Guide Book, + CD with official photos Mystic Point
Hong Kong Disneyland Mystic Point & Mystic Manor Dossier de Presse, inclus Mystic Point Guide Book, + CD photos officielles Mystic Point

Lot No 316:
Rare Tokyo Disney Sea press-kit released to announce the construction of the park, in 1998, with many prints of WDI artworks
Rare Dossier de presse annonçant la construction de Tokyo Disney Sea, 1998, avec concept-arts de WDI
Many more items - 344 exactly - awaits you on the Drouot online website and you can place your bids right now, you don't necessarily have to await the last day of auction.