Friday, October 24, 2014

Look How Huge Shanghaî Disneyland Enchanted Story Book Castle Will Be

Brook Lopez, famous Brooklyn Nets basketball player went at Shanghai Disneyland construction site and posted a picture of him shot in front of the Enchanted Story Book Castle, giving us a glimpse of how huge the SDL castle will be!

Picture: copyright Disney

Comcast's Profit Jumped 50 Percent to $2.6 BILLION Thanks to Universal Studios Parks

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Universal Orlando's new Harry Potter land sent Comcast Corp.'s third-quarter theme-park revenue soaring 18.7 percent compared with the previous year, the company said in an earnings report Thursday. Overall, Comcast's profit jumped 50 percent to $2.6 BILLION!!

And the party is not over yet for Comcast with new attractions coming soon at Orlando ( the long rumored King Kong Skull Island at IOA ), the WWOHP at Universal Hollywood and a new Loews luxury hotel, the Sapphire Falls Resort - renderings above and below - that will open in summer 2016 and will be Universal Orlando's fifth hotel. No need to say that you can expect all these to raise Comcast profits.

Artwork: copyright Universal Studios

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dubai Announces a Bollywood Theme Park, and more

Dubai plans to build a 10 billion dirham ($2.7 billion) complex with five theme parks, including ones based on movies and characters from Hollywood and Bollywood cinema industry, to expand its booming tourism sector.  Located near Dubai’s Jebel Ali port area, the complex is to include an adventure park featuring Hollywood brands, a marine park, a children’s park and a night safari. Partnerships has been formed with several major film studios in Mumbai to obtain content for the Bollywood Parks section, which will include a theatre showing Broadway-style musicals, the statement said.

Dubai Parks and Resorts, a Meraas Holding company, announced details of this Bollywood Parks Dubai which will cover a total of three million square feet and will include 16 rides and attractions within five movie themed areas featuring content developed in partnership with Mumbai’s major film studios - Bollywood Film Studios, Mumbai Chowk, Hall Of Heroes, Regal Plaza and Rustic Ravine.

Bollywood Parks Dubai - Entrance 

For guests, the experience will kick off at the entrance to the theme park on Bollywood Boulevard where dance performances, character interactions and street theatre will greet visitors. In addition to the themed zones, Bollywood Parks Dubai will offer a variety of retail outlets and themed restaurants integrating vibrant elements that are quintessential Bollywood, the statement added.

Bollywood Boulevard

Rustic Ravine

Mumbai Chowk

Raed Al Nuaimi, CEO of Dubai Parks and Resorts, said: “The cultural impact and appeal of Bollywood is universal with a global fan base of over three billion people. For the first time ever, a theme park in the region will recreate for residents and tourists the unparalleled glamour and extravagance of Bollywood on one stage.”

Dubai Parks and Resorts unveiled the blueprint of this mega leisure and entertainment destination in September. Phase 1 of the development will comprise Bollywood Parks Dubai, LEGOLAND Dubai and Motion Gate Dubai, picture above. This other  movie studio themed park will have a “zone” themed to DreamWorks Animation characters with “12 engaging attractions and new-generation rides”. The entire park itself will feature four separate themed zones, with a total of 27 attractions.

Pictures: copyright Dubai Parks and Resorts

Amazing New WDI Patent Discovered

An interesting news about a news patent. Here is a description from our friends at Screamscape: "ParkJourney has discovered an interesting new Disney attraction patent that could really make your ride experience much more interactive. In essence it seems to describe an interactive seat for riders, that can tell if you are leaning from side to side, forward or backward, and use your own body motion to interact either with a ride experience on an interactive screen or to make a real word ride vehicle react in different ways. Imagine a powered ride that might lean over if you lean, or speed up if you lean forward, much like riding a motorcycle. Or if the seat is mounted to a motion base, your body movements in your seat could affect the reaction of your motion platform… lean left to avoid hitting the rocks and you cruise by… fail to lean enough or in time and your craft could bump and rumble as you bump into the rocks."

Will it be used for the SDL TRON ride or an Avatar ride? Or a Rebel Alliance flight simulator? Or a new version of Luigi's flying tires? Jump to ParkJpurney HERE to learn more.

Pictures: copyright Disney Enterprises

First Trailer for Avengers : Age of Ultron !

All-right, the first trailer for Avengers : Age of Ultron is now released and here it is. And, yes, it features Iron Man in its Hulkbuster 11 feet tall armor!

Picture and video: copyright Disney

Monday, October 20, 2014

Awesome HKDL Aerial Video Reveal Land Available for Park's Future Additions

Someone named Eddie Ling had the excellent idea to fly his DJI Phantom2 equipped with a GoPro Hero3 camera over Hong Kong Disneyland. Not only the aerial video is awesome but he succeeded to capture night and day shots, including during the HKDL fireworks and it's interesting to see from where the fireworks is shot over the park. 

But there is more as thanks to these HD GoPro Hero 3 aerial video we can see clearly what are the locations still available for future additions at HKDL! Let's have a look at all this, but first, here is the awesome video.

Now, let' shave a look at all the spots available with these screen captures i did for you - click on each to see them in big sire.

First, let's fly over HKDL hotels to note the land on which will be built HKDL third hotel "Disney's Explorers' Lodge" as well as another land available on the right for future addition.

Let's fly over the park now, and start by having a look at the works at the Iron Man Experience construction site, to open in 2016.

The next shot will show you the land still available backstage Adventureland, on the left of Grizzly Gulch, and yes, it's there where the POTC land was envisioned to be built, and never will be.

On the next picture below you'll see the big land still available backstage Fantasyland and i won't be surprised if they build there Toy Story Mania as it is close to Toy Story Land.

The next screen shot will show you the little land still available backstage Tomorrowland for future additions. The building in the top right is i think the HKDL Imagineering building which will be moved on the location for the second park when HKDL 2nd gate construction will start, which will make more land available in this location for future attractions.

Well, as you've seen, HKDL still have plenty of room available for new attractions before they start to build HKDL second gate. That said, they don't have a huge land that could be used for a Cars Land, Avatar Land or even a Star Wars land so these probably must be expected only in the future park. 

Don't miss too on D&M Facebook page great pictures showing you five things which i think are better at HKDL than at DLP! It's right HERE

Editing: Eddie Ling also fimed another aerial video over HKDL main competitor at Hong Kong, Ocean Park! Great views of the park, as well as Hong Kong island and the China sea!

Videos: copyright Eddie Ling

Walt Disney Animation Studios Announces “Moana”, New CG Animated Film to be Released Late 2016

Walt Disney Animation Studios confirmed today “Moana”,  a new CG animated comedy-adventure film to be released late 2016, The film will tell the story of a spirited teenager on an impossible mission to fulfill her ancestors’ quest and is directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, a team who did previously “The Little Mermaid,” “The Princess and the Frog,” and “Aladdin”.

“John and I have partnered on so many films—from ‘The Little Mermaid’ to ‘Aladdin’ to ‘The Princess and the Frog,’” said Clements. “Creating ‘Moana’ is one of the great thrills of our career. It’s a big adventure set in this beautiful world of Oceania.”

A born navigator, Moana sets sail from the ancient South Pacific islands of Oceania in search of a fabled island. During her incredible journey, she teams up with her hero, the legendary demi-god Maui, to traverse the open ocean on an action-packed voyage, encountering enormous sea creatures, breathtaking underworlds and ancient folklore.

Previously Disney also had released the concept-art below, a preliminary study for Moana. I really expect this movie, i'm a huge fan of polynesian folklore and of course of Tikis, and you can be sure they will be lot of tikis in this movie! Let's just hope if the movie is successful  that they won't re-theme the Enchanted Tiki Room attraction with a Moana theme, because they could do that!

Pictures: copyright Disney